Distillerie Vincenzi - History Distillerie Vincenzi - History Distillerie Vincenzi - History Distillerie Vincenzi - History
Distillerie Vincenzi - History Distillerie Vincenzi - History Distillerie Vincenzi - History Distillerie Vincenzi - History

Distillerie Vincenzi srl was founded in 1930, and is one of the best known companies in the field of production and sale of liqueurs, syrups and chocolate on the Italian scene.

In recent years, the company has seen excellent growth both from the commercial point of view and in the evolution of its products, thanks to the conservation of traditional methods of production and the unchanged use of raw materials and ingredients that have always been used. Our products are bottled in elegant bottles and are designed for the medium to upper range of customers, both for connoisseurs and for people who put the emphasis on product quality and aesthetic harmony. We produce a wide range of Italian liqueurs, and we would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to some of our best known products.

Our flagship product, a trademark registered exclusively by us, is: “Bicerin Originale di Gianduiotto”, which is a well-known gianduia cream liquor (we present it as a chocolate dissolved in alcohol) belonging to the ancient culture and tradition of Turin, which has been served in the coffee shops of the city since the early nineteenth century, as documented by the best gastronomic literature. By way of confirmation, we decided to carry out a little research and the results are quoted below:

Rousseau writes: "In the 1800s in Turin, Bicerin becomes one of the most fashionable ways to drink, a kind of official drink. Anyone who enters one of the many coffee shops in the city ... finds it difficult to avoid the ritual of tasting the mixture of chocolate, coffee and cream ... Bicerin is also drunk in the most elegant coffee shops of the city: the Florio, Diley, Nazionale, Torino, San Carlo ...

Alexandre Dumas writes in a letter: "I will never forget Bicerin, an excellent drink consisting of coffee, milk and chocolate that is served in all the coffee shops".

Around the middle of the nineteenth century, Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour states that Bicerin is by far his favourite drink; from that moment on, Bicerin is to become the typical drink of Turin, so much so that tourists cannot help but taste it during a visit to Turin.

Our "BICERIN Originale di Gianduiotto" (15% vol./70 cl.) is a creamy liqueur without coffee, after the coffee present in the first recipe of 1700 was replaced by hazelnut to recall the "gianduiotto" chocolate famous and appreciated all over the world. This recipe originated in the early 1800s when coffee and cocoa were too expensive to import from overseas countries; Piedmont being a region rich in hazelnuts, it was decided to cut the chocolate with hazelnuts from Piedmont to reduce costs and from this mixture was born the "gianduiotto" chocolate and, indeed, our liqueur Bicerin di Gianduiotto. From those days, the recipe has never changed. For those who are not from Turin or northern Italy, we have to explain that the word "bicerin", not only in the dialect of Piedmont but also of Lombardy and Veneto, means small beaker; in fact, it was and is customary to serve " Bicerin" in a small glass beaker with an iron handle in all the bars of Turin.

Bicerin White

Distillerie Vincenzi is a historic company from Turin that produces Bicerin di Giandujotto, a liqueur from the Italian gastronomic tradition comparable to a delicious giandujotto chocolate dissolved in alcohol. Having closely studied the needs of the market and after 24 months of research and experimentation, it has developed a new recipe that has given rise to the new Bicerin White - a creamy white chocolate liqueur -

Bicerin White is the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, the ideal combination of the history represented by the Bicerin brand and innovation of white chocolate in the field of cream liqueurs.
The aim of Bicerin White is to expand the possibilities of consumption and choice for its customers, offering a unique, exclusive and high quality product
It is the only liqueur to be produced with 40 g/l of natural cocoa extract, the only one to be gluten and dairy free and the only one with such a low alcohol content, at just 15% vol., because of which the alcoholic notes are almost imperceptible when tasted.

Bicerin is an exclusive brand of Vincenzi, exclusively distributed in Italy by OnestiGroup spa.

Vincenzi choose white chocolate because it is currently sought after by a large part of the public, who loves this particular type of chocolate.
White chocolate is recognised and appreciated by most people, especially from a demanding sector of the public that wants a product that is innovative, pleasurable, delicate, sweet and delicious.

Bicerin White can be defined as a "drinkable" liquor because we believe that the first glass is so mouth-watering that people immediately find themselves ordering a second glass. The packaging, which for the first time features an iridescent, shimmering bottle that changes with the light, gives even more value and prestige to this new product.

White Bicerin will surely be one of the most interesting and in-demand products for Christmas 2013.

We also produce other typical Italian liqueurs:

Sambuca Italiana: famous liqueur flavoured with anise and sugar; Limoncello di Sicilia: liqueur with Sicilian lemons; Italian Espresso: 100% Arabica coffee liqueur; Amaretto di Torino: traditional liqueur with almond flavouring; Grappa: we produce various kinds of grappa such as: Moscato aged 18 months, Malvasia, Barolo ... and our extensive range also includes several grappas flavoured with fruit such as strawberry grapes, wild berries, peach, pear and chamomile. We would like to draw attention to our non-alcoholic syrups for cocktails: mint, cola, strawberry, almond milk, blood orange, lemon, anise, barley water, cranberry, raspberry, tropical, vanilla, caramel, brown sugar and many others.

A further highlight of our range is represented by our elegant and eye-catching line of chocolates and pastries consisting of:

"Bicerini": dark chocolates with Bicerin di Gianduiotto liqueur fillings, presented in an elegant purse-shaped packing, so that they can be appreciated not only for their taste, but also as a great gift idea for any event and occasion.

"Bicerinelli": small "gianduiotti" chocolates "pralines" of only 5 grams each that will delight your taste buds, and also come in a nice golden purse.

"Crema Bicerina": the only Bicerin liqueur-based gianduiotto cream, presented in an elegant glass that you can collect.

To complete the chocolate/pastry range, you will also find the classic Tartufi of Turin, Amaretti with gluten-free chocolate and our Biscotti which are also gluten-free.

Our products are widely available in Italy thanks to an exclusive agreement with OnestiGroup spa for distribution through traditional channels and through large-scale retailers such as Carrefour, Auchan, SMA, Metro, Standa-Billa, Conad-Leclerc, Coop, Bennet, Esselunga, A&O, CRAI, Lombardini Comprabene, ALFI Gulliver, Dimar, Commerciale Brendolan, Docks Market, Gross Iper, PAM, Panorama, Il Gigante, Unes, Sigma, Gruppo Agorà, Di Meglio ...

At the international level, our products are distributed in various countries: USA, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, Austria, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong ... either through specialised importers or through large-scale retail chains.

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